What does βeta mean?

Our name denotes a development stage or a work in progress. βeta is a reflection of our desire to constantly learn and grow in the industry we call home.

It’s also a play on the word betta, a fish known for its intelligence and scrappy nature — two traits we believe accurately describe our pop up.

What kind of cuisine does βeta focus on?

βeta offers a tasting menu that articulates our evolving culinary voice. While not focused on any one influence, βeta instead was created to distill our ideas and experiences into a cohesive progression of courses. We have also incorporated elements of our fine dining backgrounds that we are passionate about into a more approachable meal.

Can you accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?

At the moment βeta can only make accommodations if given advanced notice along with the reservation.

Is there a beverage pairing?

βeta is BYOB. We focus on serving a thoughtful meal. You bring your favorite libations.

How long is dinner?

βeta’s menu is currently paced to last 90 minutes.

Why are dinners offered on Mondays?

Monday is a standard day off for those who work in the culinary industry. In addition to curious diners, we want to serve our fellow cooks and chefs.

Does βeta plan to visit other cities?

We’re first focused on a successful launch in New York City. But we hope to visit other cities in the future. Interested in hosting βeta for dinner? We’d love to talk.