Amir currently works the line at the two Michelin starred restaurant Momofuku Ko. Immediately prior to this, he spent time at the James Beard award winning Canlis in Seattle. Amir has previously worked at the two Michelin starred restaurant Gabriel Kreuther and Momofuku Ssäm Bar. Amir first met Drew and Matt at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen where they instantly hit it off.

Amir is greatly inspired by all forms of art and music. On his days off he likes to cook dinner for his fiancée and hang with his cat, Yoshi.



After working in finance, Drew quickly realized that kitchen life was for him after trailing at Hooni Kim’s Hanjan. Soon after, Drew became a line cook at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen.

Drew went on to work at Alder under chef Wylie Dufresne, one of the industry’s leading forerunners of modernist cuisine. Drew went on to cook at Acme, Aska, and Agern. Each of these moves came with critical acclaim as Aska earned two Michelin stars and Agern earned one Michelin star respectively within their first years of opening. After working at the two Michelin starred restaurant Gabriel Kreuther, Drew took a step back from his career due to health concerns.

In his recovery, Drew made the decision to open βeta with two of his best friends in a continued pursuit of his passion for cooking and a desire to push himself further. In his free time, Drew can be found with his fiancée, playing piano, or perusing the latest cookbooks at Kitchen Arts & Letters.



Matt is a pastry chef and baker, having been a part of the restaurant and baking world for over six years. Matt has worked at ABC Kitchen, ABC Cocina, and ABC V under Sean Considine the executive pastry chef of Jean-Georges and corporate pastry chef of the Jean-Georges restaurant group. In his tenure, Matt quickly rose up the ranks from line cook to pastry sous chef where he went on to develop pastry programs for each of the three restaurants.

Matt left the Jean-Georges restaurant group to expand his skill-set in bread baking. He can now be found at Runner & Stone where he works under baker-owner Peter Endriss, the former head baker of Per Se.

Outside of work, Matt can be found testing out new flours, watching Star Trek re-runs, or cycling between Queens and Brooklyn.